Taraki x Movember: Implementation Phase

Taraki x Movember: Implementation Phase
At Taraki, we are very excited and grateful to announce that our partnership with Movember as part of the Social Connections Challenge initiative designed to tackle social isolation and loneliness amongst men has been awarded funding for the next 24 months!

What Is the Social Connections Challenge?

The Social Connections Challenge is a project funded by Movember which aims to tackle loneliness amongst men on a global scale. In 2021, the global charity announced that they would be investing into 11 projects across Australia, Canada, the UK and Ireland. We have been lucky to be supported by Movember to refine, develop and scale our Punjabi men’s peer support through Cha in the City since 2021.

What we have done so far?

  • Developed our curriculum: We developed a comprehensive 12 session curriculum for Punjabi men on how to facilitate culturally competent and safe peer support spaces.
  • Piloted with 2 partner organisations: Having developed our 12 session curriculum we delivered the curriculum to 2 partner organisations (Sikh Alliance Yorkshire and Heera Foundation). Following the completion of in-session delivery, we supported our partner organisations to set-up peer spaces in their local communities.
  • Grow the movement: Recognising the potential for positive social change through peer support, we’ve been actively scoping our potential partner organisations to continue growing our Cha In The City movement.

Having successfully delivered our curriculum and the continuation of support to our partner organisations in delivering peer support spaces within their communities, we are now looking to the next stage of our growth to continue scaling Cha in the City, with the continued trust of Movember.

Over the next 24 months, our objective is to work with 6 partner organisations to deliver peer support facilitation training to 40 Punjabi men, something which we are deeply excited about.

If you are interested in learning more about our free punjabi men’s peer support program and would like to be involved please email: taimour@taraki.co.uk

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