define: taraki

a verb found in Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi
translation: to progress — moving to an improved or more developed state.

taraki's journey

based in experience

Taraki was founded in October 2017 by Shuranjeet Singh after his personal experiences with mental health challenges as a student. Shuranjeet felt incredibly lucky as he was supported through his struggles by his friends. However, he observed that many facing similar challenges within Punjabi communities were unable to access adequate support. He felt that everyone should have access to help when they most needed it, so he started Taraki.

3 blobs, one red, yellow and purple, centred around a point.
taraki's journey

shared challenges

We all know someone who has experienced mental health difficulties: whether ourselves, family members, or friends. Within Punjabi communities, those living with mental health difficulties can encounter challenges from stigma to navigating health systems. This can sometimes lead to increased isolation and a lack of support, meaning that people aren't able to effectively find and access help.

our positive vision

Taraki envisions that Punjabi communities perceive and embrace mental health as an integral facet of life. We want to shape an environment which enables approaches to mental health centred on autonomy and community knowledge, working across intersections of identities and other drivers of health. Through this, we hope that communities live more empowered, meaningful and supported lives.


we mobilise four key mechanisms of change:


Everything begins with awareness to create authentic connection. This is the first step to develop understanding.


Improving education progresses basic awareness into improved knowledge, skills, comfort, and confidence.


Such skills and knowledge are meant to be applied at the grassroots for the benefit of wider communities.


Activity cannot enable change without reflection through research activities and policy improvement.