Staying Connected While Away

Staying Connected While Away

In March 2024 the Cha in the City Open Group for Punjabi men met virtually to discuss the topic of Staying Connected. Here are some reflections from the brilliant team who facilitate and contribute towards those conversations.

This month the online forum topic for discussion was ‘Staying Connected when Move Away‘ this was a topic for discussion including the experience of forum members. The session was slightly delayed due to technical issues but when got going with the smaller group of participants a really informal open conversations were created.

The topic was discussed from a couple of different perspectives. We talked about Taraki’s work as way of connecting the community including the forums. A member of the group also was able to talk from their perspective around moving to the UK and the way they connected to others.

The group spoke about often when moving away from home for educational purposes or work often there are groups that can be joined to help connect to the community. The other way often was those who are faith based was to connect via the temple/place of worship.

One of the key points for discussion was the fact that it took effort and action to keep connected – joining in groups or even volunteering. The benefits were felt not directly but often shared experience and advice from others in the community who were new area also helped.

We talked also about the impact of disconnecting or feeling unconnected on the mental and emotional wellbeing. It was agreed that for wellbeing being connected to others and the community is important.

Even when there is a small group meeting in the forums it is still a really valuable space and enjoyable experience.

The forums are a great safe place to explore issues that have an impact either directly or indirectly to our wellbeing. Participating in the facilitated spaces are a great opportunity to share and hear about a range of subjects, and we are always keen to hear from participantsand those considering participating, about subjects for future forums. The online format makes it convenient place to engage and all participants new and returning are welcome.

We also now have a WhatsApp Announcement Channel that will share information relating to forums just click on the link here.

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