Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece

Anyone who has ever suffered from any type of mental health issue will know that the road to recovery is the single biggest hurdle that they will ever face in their life.

Leaving behind pills, previous behaviours and self-medication is every sufferer’s biggest anxiety. Understanding their illness when it’s being stigmatised as ‘something else’ by your nearest and dearest is a never-ending nightmare; one which the sufferer knows they cannot win because in many ways, their nearest and dearest are also going through their own traumas.

Mental illness disguised as; anxiety, depression, mild depression, bipolar, psychosis and any other ‘name’ we give it in today’s society is based on past, current and future traumas that we perceive will affect our mind, body and soul.

Infection of the mind is the first stage for any sufferer of mental illness; it’s a pain that cannot be seen by the world, only by the sufferer. It’s a crippling form of destruction, caused by the sufferer’s perceived life situation. A life situation, that he or she knows that they can control but they end up losing control to it because the pain and trauma by them is perceived too great to move forward with.

Then comes the infection of the body. Self-sabotage and destruction are the second steps, it might not only be done by the sufferer but only by those around them, which leads the sufferer into further destructive behaviour. How can a once loving and caring person end up hating themselves and everyone around them for a reason which is both unknown to them and everyone else? Why do they go into this world of self-hate? Is it because they don’t feel loved or wanted? Or is it because they don’t love themselves anymore and cannot see how anyone can even begin to see them in the same way they used to?

Finally, when the mind is gone and the body we once saw as a temple is destroyed, our trauma, pain, ego and pride then begin to slowly eat away at the soul god gave us. A soul which in its truest form is nothing but love, is infected with hate, loathing, resentment; of everything and anything that’s around them.

It takes family, commitment and love to bring the lost soul back from the darkest parts of their trauma. Only love can conquer your mind, body and soul. Without it you are an empty shell.

Today, 216 days later. The love has returned. The pain that was, isn’t. The mind that was, is healing. The body that was broken is fixed and the soul that was forgotten is sent again. Love is the only thing that can allow you to let go. Let go of your ego, your pride and your resentment for what once was and now isn’t.

I started writing this as a review for my very good friend and all-round good soul. It’s ended in something different… something better.

“Change is an inevitable part of being; but one can never change people’s perception of you, because they are themselves experiencing traumas; all you can do is level up…”

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