Ill Treatment

Ill Treatment
Kapil Nayar native to Philadelphia, is a licensed professional counselor with a forte in substance use disorder treatment. When it comes to addiction treatment, Kapil has worked within the field in various non profit and for profit treatment settings and currently still practices in a private practice setting.

Recently, Kapil published a book — Ill Treatment — which confronts the disturbing realities of for-profit substance use disorder treatment in the United States, read our interview here:  

Can you tell us a bit about the book?

This book entitled ‘ill treatment' is a first-hand lived experience account of the insidiousness that exists within the for-profit model for substance use disorder treatment. Throughout this non-fiction, I take you on my journey through whistleblowing to various entities within the United States and walk you through their respective processes yielding repercussions. Thereafter, in an autopsy of the failed facility, I present a for-profit circle of profiteers consisting of a super-elite; highlighting their greed and potentiation to practice the same pattern again.

Why did you write it?

For me, my actions in the moment were based on sound ethics and upbringing. Thereafter, having been privy to this type of information, I feel there is a greater social justice element that needs to be relayed to the general population. By this I mean, folks in all circles, from those in need of care, families looking for treatment for loved ones, to clinicians, and even lawmakers. I wrote this book so that the general public can have direct factual accounts of how some of these bad players are not interested in efficacy, but rather profiting on the backs of those sick and suffering to ensure that the number in their bank accounts is massive. Transitively, my hope is that folks, with this knowledge, can do better research to not get taken advantage of, or worse, have a family member or loved one get caught up in this sick cycle.

Further, my aim is provide insights as a foreshadowing if other countries are to adopt a similar system to that found here in the United States.

What impact do you hope the book will have?

The only impact I would genuinely like to see is change. I would like to see current operating facilities practicing similarly to be held accountable. Further, owners and operators (ie bad players) are to be held accountable consistently.  

Simultaneously, I would hope that in the moment of juxtaposition where someone's drug of choice is presented to them; I would pray that this information would sway them away from using. For if we use, we then choose to submit to be part of this system of profiteering within the ‘ecosystem of addiction’ (ie revolving door). I am hoping that the readers can look at our system through the lens of this book to question, is this truly helpful or is this a symptom of the disease of our entire healthcare system?

What are some solutions for the challenges you’ve outlined?

The main challenge seems to be the consistent motif found in the United States: those with money tend to get away with crimes. We have seen this with the Sackler dynasty as they just recently declared bankruptcy to be able to evade further ramifications and pending lawsuits. This has been cited as ‘billionaire justice.’ This is another example of how the hyper elite can stand alone, profiteer, and walk away literally unscathed. This is a massive issue within our system. Further, on a more macro level, there is a systemic issue with the privatization of health care and coverage. Privatization of healthcare and commercialization of insurance is a faulty blueprint that started here in the United States, and in my research, is beginning to spread to other parts of the world (for mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, and medical treatment). My family in India confirmed that this is what is occurring there, I have colleagues in China stating that they are seeing the same phenomenon of private commercial insurance coming into their market. Friends in the UK have said similarly. Extended family in Toronto said similar.  

It almost begs to question, is this the ‘second wave’ of the Sacklers’ monopolizing on their created epidemic on a global level?

How can people access the book?

For now, the book will be available online. Folks are welcome to sign up for updates as to when it will be coming out:

Hardback, paperback, and digital versions will be available internationally.

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